Lakey Beach Surf Sumbawa

Lakey Beach Surf Sumbawa Class Waves Surfing and Kite Surfing

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There are 5 world class surfing waves situated in the same bay directly in  front of Lakey Beach Sumbawa The main wave ‘The peak’ has a left and a right hand take off.

lakey peak surf sumbawa

Lakey Peak Surf 

Lakey Peak Surf Spots

Lakey Peak is a perfect A frame peak with the left being longer than the right. The best tide for the left is medium to low tide, no lower than a 0.5 on a 4-6 ft swell. It does break on the bigger swells but has to be a higher tide. The right hander breaks on medium to high tide offering an intense right hand barrel. Breaks through the lower tides only on small swells. This wave is one of the most consistent waves in Indonesia and offers surf for the beginner to the most experienced. Breaks through dry and rainy seasons.

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Lakey Pipe

Lakey Pipe Surf Spots

Lakey Pipe is across the channel on the left side of ‘The peak’ a popular wave amongst the body boarders and surfing. Best at 3-4 ft on a medium to high tide.

Just 400 meters to the south is Lakey Pipe, a gnarly reef with a fairly sedate take off, which then hits the shelf and throws out a solid backdoor barrel that leaves enough space to drive a small car through. Optimum at mid to high tide and double overhead, but the Pipe can also take it from tiny to triple.

cobblestone lakey beach sumbawa

Cobblestone Surf

Cobblestones Surf Spots

Cobblestones is a super fun left and right breaks. Works well on small swells and only breaks at higher tides. The left hander the higher the tide the better the wave 2.2-2.6. the right hander only works from a 1.8 tide and up, a super fun mellow wave.

Walk 45mins (or rent a zodiac) to escape the Lakey crowds at a deep reef channel called Cobblestones. Nice walled-up rights on one side and lefts barrelling into the channel opposite, pick up more swell and handle some solid size at mid to high tides.

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Nugas Surf

Nungas Surf Spots

The big left hander 5 minutes walk down the beach from Lakey Peak, sections start to connect on the bigger swells offering rides of 200 meters or more. Nungas hold any size swell the ocean throws at it and breaks on all tide but is subject to strong currents so try to surf on slack tides Nungas can peel off like a mini version of G-land, grooming 200m long lefts with alternating shack and whack sections.

periscopes surf sumbawa lakey

Periscopes Surf

Periscopes Surf Spots

This is a right hander 15 minutes walk down the beach from Lakey Peak, it only breaks best from 1.7 tide and up. Can offer three barrel sections on one wave. Best on a 3-6 foot swell, breaks on the bigger swells but closes out through the channel.

lakey beach surf

Magic Point Surf

Magic Point Surf Spots

Originally Machi Point after the nearby village but now renamed Magic Point because of its beautiful scenery. A fun right hand reef/point setup. Best on south swell direction and works on variable tides depending on conditions. Can barrel but is usually long workable walls. Its 30 mins by boat directly across the bay.