Surf Package from Bali to Lakey Peak Sumbawa

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Surf Package to Lakey Peak Sumbawa

We have special surf packages from Bali to Lakey Peak Sumbawa, to facilitate the surfers who will come to Lakey Beach, minimum package stay 4 nights until so on.

Enjoy the convenience traveling Surfing holiday to Lakey Beach. Amazing Surf world-class waves in Lakey’s, or simply discover the beauty of East Sumbawa.

surf package from bali to sumbawa

Price Surf Packages all organized for you included:

For domestic flight from Bali to Bima – airlines will only allow board bags at maximum length of 6 ft 7 inches . (200 CM) cannot fit in the plane so cannot be brought ! That’s why we have a rental section.

Apply the package at least 3 days prior to departure

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Itinerary Surf Package to Lakey Beach Sumbawa 

Fly from Bali to Bima with Wing/Lion Air. On arrival in Bima Airport Sumbawa you will be met by Aman Gati Hotel representative with a vehicle for your transfer to Aman Gati Hotel  at Lakey Peak (approximately 2.5 hours).

Upon arriving at the Aman Gati Hotel, your rooms will be allocated and then it’s time to get ready for your first surf, with Lakey Peak only 25 meters up the beach and then around a 200 meter paddle out to the break. Other breaks, Nungas and Lakey Pipe, are a further walk. If you would like to try Periscopes, it is around a kilometer further up the beach from the Hotel.

For your return to Bali, the Aman Gati Hotel staff will transfer you to Bima airport for your flight back to Denpasar


§ Price can be change daily due to the dynamic nature of this global industry.

§ Price USD 650 per pax Minimum 2 People


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